• Must be 21 to rent and operate
  • Must present valid ID
  • Must present valid credit card
  • Capacity: 7 people (applies to both Sylvan and Bayliner)
  • All Jet Skis and Boats go to Spring Lake NOT Lake Michigan
  • Life Jackets are provided
  • Full tank of gas provided - everything after that is up to you
  • To reserve, down payment required (contributes to entire rental fee)
  • 48 hour cancellation policy
  • If storming/raining, can get down payment back or rescedule
  • If dreary, no cancellations (subject to managers discretion)

**All rentals are subject to a 6% service charge**

Speed Boat


Capacity: 7 people
V6 Engine


Capacity: 7 people

V6 Engine